Battle Ridge Whitetails started raising deer in 1998. From the beginning we were very particular about the animals we purchased. We started out with a buck and a doe fawn. Then a handful of buck and doe fawns the following year. As the years went by, who would have thought that the deer industry would progress into what it is today. Our farm is proud of our accomplishments.

Reno, the first 200″ yearling, was the animal that put our farm on the map. Since then, we have produced many other awesome bucks and does. Back then he seemed like the deer of a lifetime. Since then we have produced over 30 other yearlings over 200 inches including Free Agent: 392″ @1 and 528″ @2. Producing countless huge sons, Free Agent has now proven himself to be a true super sire of the industry.

Though we were thankful for all the great animals we have produced on this farm, our greatest achievement is all of the great friends we have made along the way.

If you are interested in a farm tour, purchasing breeding stock or semen, give us a call. We always like to talk deer. On this website, we have some of our current breeders but we also have semen out of our other great sires from the past. The prices listed are subject to change.

 Thanks to all the people who have purchased genetics off our farm. We hope they work well for you as they have for us.

– Mark Sipes

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